Understanding Milligrams Per Serving

When I was first introduced to CBD there was a lot I did not understand, milligrams, serving size and what that looked like for me? What was I getting per serving size?

I realized it had nothing to do with the price and everything to do with the education on CBD content.

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Where Can I find Quality CBD?

Finding CBD is not hard these days, but QUALITY CBD can be.

Before I started LN ORGANIX I was plagued with finding CBD that was not effective and had a horrible taste as well. Not having much luck, LN was born.

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What Is Bioavailability?

With so many ways to take CBD, it's hard to know which one is going to be the best for you. A few things that you want to take into consideration is; why you're taking CBD, the purity and safety of the product, the ingredients and potency. Most people do not take into account the importance of bioavailability.

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"I was in a longboarding accident and severely injured my wrist and my hip. I used my orange tincture and rubbed the balm on my wrist and hips. Within a few minutes, I could tell a difference, and the pain went away. So thankful for it!" -Ariel R.

"This product is amazing!!! I use it daily and I can feel stress/anxiety totally staying under control. I take extra if I start to feel 'on edge' and it goes away. I am never running out of this stuff. Thanks so much!!!" -Hannah C.

"I started using this as soon as it was available. As of last night, no more sleeping pills! I use a dropper full before bedtime! Love the orange." -Allison H.