Understanding Milligrams Per Serving

When I was first introduced to CBD there was a lot I did not understand, milligrams, serving size and what that looked like for me? What was I getting per serving size?

After starting my company I found out quickly that others had the same issue and it was coming across as “I only pay $50 for a bottle”. I realized it had nothing to do with the price and everything to do with the education on CBD content.

**Disclaimer: In this blog, we are going to discuss 1 oz bottles VS. 2 oz bottles and why they are important when talking about CBD content. I am only using another brand as an example, and am not talking bad about their product at all. I pulled all of their information off of their website as well.**

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, look at Fig.1 and read the amount of CBD content. From looking at it, They both have 500mg of CBD. The 'only difference' is one is 1 oz bottle and the other is a 2 oz bottle.

At first glance, I saw that the 2oz bottle was cheaper for more liquid and immediately grab that to take. In all reality, you need TWICE the amount of the bottom 2oz brand to equal the CBD content per serving of our brand LN ORGANIX.

Let's break down the bottom brand:

In the 500mg, 2oz bottle of CBD there is ~8mg of CBD/1 dropper full (1ml) and you are getting 60 servings of that at 250mg of CBD per ounce. The bottle retails at $44.95, and at first glance that's great!

Now let's break down LN ORGANIX:

In the 500mg, 1oz bottle of CBD there is ~16.67mg of CBD/1 dropper full (1ml) and you get 30 servings of that at 500mg of CBD per ounce. The bottle retails at $69.95, and after seeing the Bluebird Botanicals, it sounds expensive.

After looking at all the information you can see that you would need 2 bottles of the bottom brand costing $89.90 instead of 1 bottle of LN ORGANIX at $69.95 for the same CBD content. Now both products use full plant extract so we are not talking about isolates VS. full plant extract, that's a discussion for later.


understanding milligrams per serving

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